About me

Who I am? Sincerely I do not know either. I’m just a guy who went to a professional kitchen at fifteen, without having a definite idea of ​​what a chaotic, tiring, and screaming world could offer me. At this point you will ask why you did not run away right away? Well, first of all, at 15 when you do not like studying, something you have to do, and I, rather than continuing with the school,  was ready for everything!
I remember I could do absolutely nothing, I did not know what a pachino was, and the idea of ​​holding a knife was terrifing.
When they ask, “What was your first job in the kitchen?” I smile because everyone is expecting answers like “ I started with appetizers ” or ” Soups and salads. ”  Why do I laugh? Well because my first assignment was to TIDE UP A TRUCK OF WOOD LOG  FOR THE PIZZERIA OVEN! Do not laugh because it was a nightmare. Put the wood chips down in order to create a 5 meter high wall.  Until then I had an idea of ​​the kitchen as a clean and relaxing place.
With the passing of months, I’ve done “giant footsteps”. I cleaned and cut 20 boxes of mushrooms, tomatoes, salads, chicory, aubergines, etc.
After a start of tremor and fear, by now the knife had become my best friend, and I was proud of it as if I had become a magician …. Yes, the brusque magician.
Then after a year of practice and testing, my boss arrives and tells me “Today, you’ll make  pasta.”  The most beautiful day of my life until then

I will always remember my first command:

2 Porcini Risotto 

1 Peppercorn with wild boar sauce 

Since that day I really started to love this job!

There are many hard and tough aspects of making a chef, but when you’re sixteen, you do not mind having to work on Christmas, New Year, your birthday, and all your party feasts. Or at least he did not care about me.


At age 22, I went to Scotland to embark on my first foreign job experience and was thrilled by this nation that I still see her guest today. Edinburgh’s job is more intense than the Italian rhythms. You eat at all hours and there is no conception of dinner with friends meant to laugh, joke, relax and spend a couple of hours at tables. Here going to the restaurant means eating in 15 minutes and then going somewhere else. Country you go customs you find. The Scottish heat has no comparisons. Even when I did not speak an English letter, they were making them drawings on paper to help me. Fantastic.

Then I came back a couple of times in Italy because I missed my family and friends, but Scotland had stayed inside me. In Italy I met my current wife and moved together. in 2015 we had a wonderful baby.

The idea of ​​publishing my recipes was born one day I was watching for a television program where they made these megagalactic dishes with products that no normal human could know how and where to find them. And I told them “But why is not there a program that makes simple, traditional recipes with common products for everyone?” And then I answered, “But why do not you make a page on Facebook where everyone can read what to do with little? ” And so everything started.
Then my wife suggested that I also make videos on YouTube. In the beginning I was very skeptical because I am not very comfortable with a camera, although it is mine, and in fact the first videos seem like an awful fear. But then with the warmth of so many nice people who contact me every day, everything went great. And now this site is born … I really hope you like it because I do it for you.
Thank you so much by Simone!